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What is included in the Plans & Kits:

Plan Set - Most major parts are full size, material list, instructions and video. Shipping post paid to USA, additional shipping to foreign countries.


Transom & Frames - You can order the assembled transom and dash frame for runabouts, also included are plans for the remainder of boat and video. UPS Shipping


Frame Kit - The frame kit is all of the wooden parts of the boat except for the plywood skins. Frames and girders are pre assembled. A Video takes you from start to finish on the boat. You will need plywood, fasteners and epoxy to complete the boat. Frames and stringers are sitka spruce, gussets are okoume plywood. (UPS shipping on some hydro kits), Motor Freight Shipping


Complete Boat Kit - This kit includes every thing to build the boat except paint or varnish. Includes the frame kit, plywood, windshield, fastener kit and epoxy kit. Motor Freight Shipping

    Hardware kit is optional. (Assembly time 50-70+ hours)


Not sure you are up to building a boat from plans or a kit? Order one of the videos on DVD for $15.00, post paid, and check it out!

Return the DVD for a $10.00 refund or apply to the purchase price of plans or kit.

 Ordering & Shipping:

Check and Money Orders are accepted, on personal checks allow time for them to clear the bank.

Visa and Master Card is accepted. 

Motor Freight - Shipping is done through a broker for very competitive prices. If your kit can be picked up at your local freight terminal it is a big savings over home delivery. Freight minimums are around 200#, so most of the time a complete kit cost no more than a frame kit to ship. Shipping two kits at the same time will result in additional freight savings.

UPS - For shipping of hardware items, transom & frames kits and some frame kits.

US Postal - Plans and DVD's are shipped at no charge. Small hardware orders are shipped by Flat Rate Priority Mail.

Epoxy kits are drop-shipped from the manufacturer.

Sorensen - Plans and Kits are designed for use in sanctioned boat races, and should never be used for pleasure boating.

Parts Description:

Epoxy Kits:

Sorensen Woodcraft ships System Three Epoxy. We have been using System Three products since 1980. There is no unpleasant smell as in some other brands.  When working with epoxy, mix it in small amounts, never more than 6 oz. at a time.  If necessary, you can mix more, but mixing in smaller amounts saves you from having to throw away too much hardened epoxy.   Epoxy generates heat as it cures.  If you mix 10oz. of epoxy and leave it in a measuring cup for 10 minutes it will generate so much heat that it will start to boil.   Proper mixture of epoxy is two parts resin to one part hardener. We provide handy measuring pumps for that purpose.

If you are working during the winter in a garage or basement that is unheated, order #1 hardener. If you are working below 70 degrees, you should keep your epoxy bottles in a warm place. 

System Three Epoxy Book

Standard Epoxy Kit

Epoxy is from System Three. Included are: 1 gallon epoxy resin, 1/2 gallon epoxy hardener #2, pumps for the epoxy, rollers, brushes, and protective gloves. For cold weather you may substitute hardener #1.

General Purpose Epoxy has excellent pot life and cure-time control. When selecting a hardener consider the minimum temperature expected during application and the required pot life. Combine different System Three General Purpose Epoxy Hardeners to provide a continuous range of cure times. Refer to The Epoxy Book to make a proper selection. System Three General Purpose Epoxy works great for wood construction and repair. Use at a simple 2:1 volume ratio with any of the three hardeners. Use at temperatures as low as 35F with no limitations on humidity. The medium-low viscosity of System Three General Purpose Epoxy allows for use "as is" for coating and fiberglass work. Combine with different fillers to make excellent adhesive, filleting and fairing compounds

Standard Epoxy Kit

1 gallon general purpose epoxy resin. 1/2 gallon #2 hardener. 90 grams silica thickener. Pumps for the epoxy, rollers, brushes, and protective gloves.

Advanced Epoxy Kit

#1 for smaller boats: 1 1/2 pint kit of Gel Magic, 1  1/2 pint Quik Fair, 3 quart Clear Coat epoxy. Pumps for the epoxy, rollers, brushes, and protective gloves.

#2 for larger boats: 1 1/2 quart pf Gel Magic, 1 1/2 pint Quik Fair, 1 1/2 gallon Clear Coat epoxy. Pumps for the epoxy, rollers, brushes, and protective gloves.

About The SilverTip Marine Epoxy Series
Using the latest composites technology System Three Resins has developed the next generation of epoxy products The SilverTip Marine Epoxy Series. Until now the approach to using marine epoxy was to combine one general-purpose resin with a variety of hardeners and obnoxious fillers to produce the various adhesives, coatings, putties and compounds needed in boat construction and repair. This "chemistry set" approach could give good results but was all too often messy, inconsistent and unpredictable. With the SilverTip Marine Epoxy Series, System Three has eliminated the use of a general-purpose resin, and instead designed a separate resin system for each specific application found in boatbuilding and repair. This makes sense since the performance requirements of an adhesive are not the same as those for a coating or compound. All of the fillers have been properly selected and correctly combined with the resin, eliminating guesswork and trial and error mixing. The results are products that are consistent and exceptionally easy to use. Plus the performance of each product in the SilverTip Series is optimized for its specific application.

Gel Magic

Gel Magic is a toughened, non-sagging, two component, structural epoxy adhesive designed for superior bonding to wood and most porous materials. It is unique in that it starts as two self-leveling liquids, which form a soft, thixotropic, sag-resistant paste when mixed. Measuring is easily accomplished by either volume or weight. Gel Magic requires no additional modification with fillers and can be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces without running, eliminating the mess and waste associated with other epoxies. Gel Magic exhibits exceptionally high peel strength and employs a state of the art, two-phase epoxy morphology, which creates an adhesive bond that is tougher, more resistant to embrittlement and has better elevated temperature properties than other room temperature cured epoxy adhesives. Gel Magic can be post-cured up to 140F for even greater performance.

Quik Fair:

Quik Fair is a lightweight, microballoon-filled, fast-curing two-part epoxy fairing putty with excellent moisture resistance. The two color-coded parts have a non-sagging, butter-like consistency and are easily mixed to form a third color. At 25C (77F) Quik Fair is sufficiently cured to be hand-sanded in 3 hours or machine sanded in 4 hours.

Clear Coat

Clear Coat is ideal for clear coating wood, and the wetting out of fiberglass cloth for bright finished boats. Use as a build coat for clear linear polyurethane or varnish coatings. Use also for those applications that require a long pot life and low viscosity. Use Clear Coat as the sole epoxy system to make wood strip canoes and kayaks. Protect Clear Coat from moisture during cure to avoid water spotting.


Fastener Kits:

The kit includes stainless steel square drive screws and driver. Silicon bronze boat nails.


Hardware Kits:

Hardware used in the kits are the best quality available. Included are: Steering wheel assembly, steering line, pulleys, and clamps. Throttle and throttle cable. Transom handles and transom motor pads. Turn fin assembly is supplied for hydros and runabouts. See hardware recommendations in the  hardware section.

Kit Items:

Construction Videos: $15.00 each

Okoume Plywood, grades B.S. 1088 and B. S. 6566 (see plywood section)

Epoxy Kits:     Standard $215.00    Advanced  #1 $241.00    Advanced #2 $317.00

15ga. x 5/8" silicon bronze ring shank boat nails: $28 per pound.

Fastener Kit, J/A Hydro: $45.00

Fastener Kit, C Hydro: $55.00

Fastener Kit, A/B Runabout: $55.00

Fastener Kit, C Runabout: $60.00

Windshield Hydro (1/16" clear polycarbonate): $40.00

Windshield Runabout (1/16" clear polycarbonate) $50.00

Hardware Kits: See recommendations on Hardware page. 


To place an order please phone or e-mail

Payment by Check, Money Order, Credit Card  or Pal Pal


California residents add appropriate sales tax

Prices are FOB Chowchilla CA

Kits may require a deposit

Prices are subject to change with out notice


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