Region 11 Racing Categories and Classes


Crackerbox ("P") is one of the oldest Inboard Runabout classes, distinguished by the 2-person team of driver and rider seated side by side at the rear of the hull. A powerful modified engine, mounted amidships, powers these sprinting flat bottom hulls in impressively competitive races. Requirements ~ Minimum Age: 16 years old. Minimum Length: 15' 6" Engine: Small block V-8 automotive based, hot rod innards, carburetion or mechanical  fuel injection allowed. Minimum Weight: 1250 lbs. For more info contact our class rep Brian Schmeltz

Stock outboard

Stock Outboard runabouts and hydroplanes are built with lightweight marine plywood and mahogany, carbon fiber or fiberglass. The classes range from the smaller A Class to the bigger, more powerful D Class boats. Each class mandates specific engines that are legal, and there are requirements for propellers, boat design etc. Read the rules and technical manual to get the full picture.  Hydroplanes have a three-point design—only the two front sponsons and the propeller touch the water. Air is trapped underneath, causing the boat to lift and ride on this cushion of air, skimming across the surface of the water. There are virtually no restrictions on design or dimensions.  Runabouts slice through the water rather than skim over the surface. Runabouts tend to be a bit slower than hydroplanes and can be more challenging to handle.  Turning is an art, and it can be work just to keep the boat level—similar to driving a motocross dirt bike.  Runabouts have certain length, width and weight restrictions